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Valentines Day & Oriental Medicine!

Well now that we have made it to the end of January and will be entering the chilliest month of the year, also known as the shortest month. We don't know if we'll get sick or stay healthy. What we do know is that February has long been celebrated as a month of romance. What better way to celebrate this romantic month with your significant other having an acupuncture session. My personal opinion, why not treat you & your significant other every other day throughout the entire year? Why just wait for Valentines day? But that's not of any importance right now, what is important is the vivacity that February brings to the space in our upper chest, that holds the heart. Around the traditional time of Valentine's day, why not take some tips to relax and enjoy the holiday happy & healthy.

"One thing to keep in mind is to love yourself before you can send love to anyone else. If you do not dignify, respect and love yourself how can you send the energy of love or mental message to someone else? You should keep in mind that whatever you have inside you is what you are sending. and therefore it may result in a very negative effect. "

Now, acupuncture is known to reduce pain, help you with digestive issues or even your headaches. But were you aware that it can also help you have a better relationship? In ancient oriental medicine environments were observed and determined whether the same elements that exist in our nature are also found in each human being. Known that when there is balance in these elements we blossom, but when they're out of balance we experience symptoms on the emotional spiritual and physical level.

In oriental medicine, some highly refined techniques used to restore the stability & balance of the elements within us are the Five-Element Acupuncture. This treatment has been used for over two thousand years. Sometimes also referred to as the “Five Phase” theory,

These are believed to represent our controlling and creative energies.

All five of these elements should be in balance.





For example, the fire element, in nature represents the warm bright sun, a summer day's warmth, and the sunlight which shines upon plants and sea giving it life. Though in humans, this element would be responsible for our ability to share that loving warm joy, and laughter. Making easier our ability to communicate clearly and openly. Being able to trust and being vulnerable, as well to have satisfy relationships, and to be guided by that inner spark inside us.

As humans we have something inside us which makes us feel alive and gives our entire body life. That would be our heart, also known as the sun inside us. Now the heart is known to play an important role in the harmony of our mind, our spirit and body. The heart is associated with the fire elements as well as its partnered with the pericardium organ. The main function of the pericardium is to protect our heart.

In Oriental Medicine, this organ is known to protect the heart, more like a "guardian" or "bodyguard". This defender is in charge of what gets in and what doesn't. Keeping any wrong doing from injuring the fragile heart, and letting only the purest of love inside. Lets say, a person with a heart protector that is not balanced, will be impenetrable. Having difficulty to trust anyone or let anyone in. That would cause your heart to suffer from starvation, and the basic needs for human intimacy as well as closeness not being met. Now if your heart protector is to open, well you run the risk of letting anyone in. Ranging from sweet , kind and safe to selfish, mean, immature and spiteful. Having this kind of imbalances will cause you to enter interminable state of heartache, heartbreak, constant moping of the latest love gone amiss in your life.

So during this Romantic month of February treat yourself with some Acupuncture sessions at your local Acupuncture clinic. Take your significant other and relax yourself. If you're in the NJ state we're located in Kearny & Bayonne. If you're in the New York state area we're located in East Meadow.

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