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Four Tips Before Taking an Acupuncture Session

If you have already decided that you're interested in having an acupuncture treatment. There numerous things you can do all after an acupuncture treatment, in order to augment the benefits and hasten the results.

Tip #1 Don't eat a big meal before the treatment, but don't starve yourself either.

Before having an acupuncture treatment it is recommended for you to have a light meal 30 mins before the session. If you eat your belly will be trying to process the large meal and so it will be uncomfortable when lying on the table. Receiving treatment during digestion, will keep most your energy in your belly area. This means that the treatment will have no effect. Now its not recommended to go to your appointment starving either. If you do your blood sugar levels can crash and leaving you with a light headed feeling after the treatment.

Tip #2 Avoid Taking Painkillers

All painkillers are known to carry risks, thoughadditonally there are narcotic painkillers that carry a high risk of addiction. Additionally, pain killers add toxins to your system and irritate the liver. We recommend you to avoid taking them especially before having an acupuncture treatment. With acupuncture, if you can feel and sense qi moving in your body, the more powerful the treatment will be. If you block out all the ability to feel qi by dropping pain killers, the treatment is less effective and the patient probably won’t be able to sense any subtle changes afterwards.

Tip #3 Don't eat any sugary foods drinks etc.. Or any alcoholic beverages after the treatment

If you weren't aware, it is not recommended to eat any processed sugars after an acupuncture session, fruit on the other hand is known to be a much better option. Why? Well lets put it this way, processed sugars are known to send a stress signals through some of the meridians as soon as they touch the tongue. They put the body into this sort of “switched off” state. Therefore right after any treatment the body and energetic are in a distinguished and fragile state, taking in any sugar will affect the system quickly and dramatically.

So this is why it is recommended to avoid processed sugars for a few hours after any treatment. Now when it comes to alcohol after a treatment the body is in a fragile and venerable state, Now when we put in a toxic substance such as alcohol. It quickly affects the body, which means all of the work carried out on that person, will be undone. We recommend you to instead, drink plenty of water and rest a little earlier then usual so that your body can have a good chance to recover and feel better.

Tip #4 The best time to receive a treatment is in the late afternoon or early evening.

It is highly recommended to receive acupuncture treatments in the late afternoons. Having an acupuncture session during the day isn't . During the day you have so much energy, the body then relaxes as it enters the evening. Therefore, getting a treatment in the late afternoon, will leave you feeling relaxed towards the end of the day and just a bit sleepy. That way one can go home and chill out. Now if you get a treatment in the morning, often you will feel like you have to push through the day fighting those sleepy feelings in order to get on with your day.

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