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Autumn Season : Of the Lung & Large Intestine

Brace yourself! As Fall season approaches, it is recommended and also a great idea to increase your acupuncture treatments taken regularly. As the temperature begins to drop, in order to fight off colds and help boost immunity there are several acupuncture points that help. For many Fall or autumn is a favorite season. The weather is gets cooler, and things start to slow down as preparations for the holidays are beginning to bloom. But on the other hand, many others do not fancy fall as much. During the fall season people get sick, some end up with some allergies, and others do not enjoy as the hours of sunlight decrease due to daylight savings. sadly this leads those to seasonal depressions.

Chinese Medicine & a Healthy Season

Did you know that there are two meridians that in a harmonious way work to control the immune system from the inside and outside of your body? It is known that in Traditional Chinese Medicine, fall is the season associated with the lung and large intestine energetic meridians.

Taking good care of those two meridians during the fall, bounds you to feel better throughout the season.

But how do you get through the season of the lung and large intestine channels?

The Large Intestine & a Healthy Lifestyle

Lets start of by saying that the large intestine channel is known to run up the arms, across the shoulders, up the neck, over the face and ends next to the nose. If you weren't aware in your immunity the health of our gastrointestinal tract plays a big role! which indicates that the large intestine channel must be kept warm and must be prevented from exposure from the elements. This will help to keep you maintain yourself healthy. Those elements are Cold pathogens. Cold pathogens can manage to enter the body through the pores or nasal cavity. But one cool trick that helps ward off the pathogens is wrapping your neck and shoulders with a scarf. Now don't you worry they don’t have to be thick or heavy, but they should cover the neck!

Whats Recommended to Eat During Fall

It is recommended during Autumn/Fall to eat according to the season. That my friend is a way to keep your lungs and large intestine channel balanced. This means that you must eat foods that boost up the energy of the meridians. So maybe eat fewer cold and raw foods, yes this includes SALADS! Try to eat more warm cooked foods! Try to eat foods that are available during the autumn months as well. Hot herbal teas are known to be a good addition to your daily diet, especially those containing ginger and lemon, which act as natural antibiotics.Try to practice by eating foods that are available at this time of year. which includes chicories, sweet potatoes, spinach pears, bell peppers, apples, zucchini, turnips, tomatillos, squash, carrots, broccoli, cabbage,ginger, pumpkin, cranberries yams, bananas, cinnamon, cauliflower, beets, kale, eggplant and wild rice.

Staying Hydrated & Moist

So lets always remember that staying hydrated is extremely important to our body. The large intestine meridian needs proper hydration to be able to discharge any pathogens that have gotten into your system. So remember that drinking lots of water is just as important during the fall.Most people during the summer months know how critically

​​significant it is to stay hydrated. But did you know it is just as essential during the autumn. Without proper hydration our skin, which is controlled by the lung meridian, becomes dry and cracked which allows pathogens to enter the body easily. It is very important for the large intestine and the lungs need to stay moist to function properly.

Try this out to just survive the fall without ever getting sick again!

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