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4 Facts of Be Well

At Be Well Oriental Medicine Clinic, we diagnose patients underlying weaknesses and imbalance using tongue analysis, pulse diagnosis, abdominal palpation, and the medical history information obtained from the patient during the consultation interview. An accurate analysis is then made of the patients internal dis-harmonies and a specific treatment plan is design for the patient. The chosen treatment modalities, which may include Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Tui Na, Cupping Gua SHa, and Medicinal Herbs, are intended to treat the underlying causes of illness as well as the symptoms. With this approach the patient may have a long term resolution to an ailment, not just a temporary result from treatment. We use a variety of traditional medical practices to harmonize body and mind. The result of this balancing is increased immunity to many of the factors that cause illness.​Our treatment protocols, which are fine tuned for your specific needs, result in increased energy, sounder sleep, decreased levels of pain from injuries, and a general sense of well being.

Fact #1

Be Well Oriental Clinic is located in 3 locations.

Kearny, NJ

Bayonne, NJ

East Meadow, NY

Fact #2

The Services offered at Be Well are as followed;




Gua Sha

Tui Na

Herbal Medicine

Fact #3

There are chiropractic services available at the Bayonne and New York locations.

Therefore, not only are you offered acupuncture but chiropractic services as well. Feel free to ask about the chiropractic services provided to you, for a healthy mind and body.

Fact #4

Be Well Oriental Medicine

Nomi Om Is a Nationally Certified Herbalist and Acupuncturist with licenses to practice in both

New Jersey and New York!

So come through for a change!!!

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