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Acupuncture Benefits for Your Skin

Growing up I experienced some pimples here and there, didn't have acne but I did break out once in a blue moon. Though my sister suffered from cystic acne a couple off months ago.

Seeing this made me wonder if the insertion of thin needles at various points on the body can restore the smooth flow of Qi, treating both the symptoms and the underlying causes of many illnesses and then what are the benefits of it for your skin?

Recently, the past few years, patients have been undergoing some procedures to treat their health concerns. They have often noticed that their looks have improved. And so a rise has inclined to “acupuncture facials”. It combines the whole-body re-balancing with targeted needle stimulation for glowing skin

Acupuncture has been popular since ancient times. And for what reason? Well It makes people feel better.It is known that Chinese physicians have practiced a form of dermatology for some 5000 years That involves fixing a range of skin conditions such as Broken Capillaries and Rosacea. Acupuncture is known to address the root of a persons acne problem. Those known as as digestive imbalances or a slow-moving lymphatic system, the treatment is known to vary from person to person. Acupuncturist view the tongue and pulse to determine the treatment and the placement of the needles. Of course, an additional important component of treatment would be dietary changes, and medicinal herbs along with some essential oils, to clear up skin acne.

Acupuncture Benefits :

Tightens and Tones Skin

De-Puff's Face

Clears Up Acne

Brightens Dull Skin

Calms Rosacea




Aging Skin + More

If you by any chance suffer from any skin issues similar to any of the above, or skin related illnesses that prevent you from enjoying your days try to reach out and get some acupuncture treatments... You wont regret it!

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