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Colors & your Complexion

We all know that people's complexions are different due to their different physical structure. Even if its the same person, the complexion changes instantly. Whether its caused by the oscillation of the emotions or the dissimilarity in their state of health.

However the conditions of your internal organs are,the colors that show on the surface of the body.

They're not just manifested on the face, but it is known that there are also differences in the pigment of tongue coatings, urine, phlegm, menstrual blood, discharges, feces, lips, eyes, etc.

So which Color is which? And its related organ i?

Well according to the classical system of acupuncture, there are 5 elements. Each element is associated with a color, The five elements are as well as followed by their color, Metal (white), Water (blue/black), Wood (green), Fire (red), and Earth (yellow). So now that we know the elements and the primary colors associated with, let's bring up which color is associated with which organ.

The Red is related to the Heart, white to the Lungs, yellow to the Spleen, blue/green to the Liver and black to the Kidneys. It is known that each color associated with the energetic movement of its corresponding element and speaks of the balance or imbalance of that energy.

Each and every one of us have all five colors, however the one or two colors that prevail the imbalances in that person’s energy.

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